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About FDM Australias

The driving factor behind the creation of FDM Australia was a clear need for a company that could advise on Passive Fire Protection requirements in relation to the Australian Standards and National Construction Code. As an industry leader, FDM prides itself on the professional presentation of specialised services and information, following up with installation, repairs, and maintenance.

FDM Australia – using cutting-edge technology to provide accurate information, comprehensive and effective service and solutions to fit your Passive Fire requirements.

FDM Historys



FDM Founded

The original owner of FDM, who had been in the passive fire industry for over 15 years, incorporates FDM Australia as a Passive Fire Protection company following increasing collaboration with NPS Commercial.



FDM Acquired

Allan & Mark Paterson acquire the rights to trade as FDM Australia and begin providing services – not only to their sister company NPS, but also other industry service providers, body corporate groups, precincts, and the construction industry in general.



Trueline Inspection System

FDM Australia is invited to adopt a highly specialised system for the inspection of fire and smoke doors, developed by Trueline Technologies. FDM begins collating inspection results digitally with a streamlined solution making results available to clients immediately upon completion of the fire door inspection.



Door Imaging Technology

The Trueline inspection system evolves to incorporate a cutting edge door imaging technology integrated directly with the door manufacturer. This allows for FDM technicians to get an exact read of the existing door dimensions and provide a laser-accurate replication to fit the frame.



Penetration Asset Management

FDM begins licensing specialised software for penetration asset tracking & management to handle the inspection and maintenance of fire-rated penetrations. The system provides comprehensive photographic before-and-after reporting to clients for audits and repairs.



Authorised FireSeal Distributors

FDM expands into the provision of fire-rated marine seals for naval vessels and submarines in the commercial and military sectors. A partnership is formed with ESSVE to become the Australian and New Zealand distributor of FireSeal products.

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